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L'Étoile Necklace (10k Yellow Gold)

L'Étoile Necklace (10k Yellow Gold)

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These pieces are made-to-order, please allow 2-3 weeks before shipping.

L'Étoile Necklace, a collaboration between Bonny Clea and Eleventh House Jewellery, is inspired by the esoteric mythology embedded in the Tarot. The Star card, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909, was an invitation to explore the spaces of self care and collective healing. We see a naked woman pouring water on the parched earth, seen as consciousness, and pouring water back into the pool, which symbolizes collective healing. There are eight stars above her, denoting the seven energy centers in the body and divine consciousness. These necklaces should be used as a talisman, to center us to our divine responsibility to our spirit and to our community.

Eleventh House Jewellery is a Toronto, Canada based line created by designer Morgan Dowler. Originally hailing from Vancouver, BC, she left the west coast for the east where she found inspiration for jewellery design on the shores of Cape Breton. Relocating to Toronto, ON, where she resides now, Eleventh House Jewellery was born.

Bonny Clea is an artist and healer, centering her practice around 1:1 Soul Sessions. She approaches collective and individual trauma through acts of care.

In addition to Soul Sessions, Bonny offers a Holistic Hotline and bi-monthly newsletter called Moon Letters. Read all about Bonny’s remarkable history + find her offerings on her website.

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