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Foundations of Self Course

Foundations of Self Course

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Foundations of Self is a forest bath for your soul.

Rediscover your joy through this handcrafted ten-part interactive course. This study weaves together pleasure activism, energetics, and elements of social justice. It is here to open your psyche to the spiritual mechanics of the Energy Centers, and their power to provide growth and self-healing.

In Foundations of Self, beginners and intermediates alike can enjoy writings, voice recordings, meditations, provocative art and interactive journal prompts that dive deeply into your spiritual self through transcendence, manifestation, and transformative self-discovery.

It asks you to reconsider your deepest learned beliefs as well as the multigenerational trauma(s) and behavioural programming you have unconsciously picked up over the course of your young life. Those who take this course will learn about the unappreciated forces that may be holding you back from living a more conscious life. These influences may keep you tied to routines that do not serve your highest capacity or prevent you from creating a meaningful and lasting impact for yourself and those in your community. Foundations of Self gives you the tools to empower yourself and others.

  • 7 workshops
  • 140+ minutes of guided meditations
  • 65 journal prompts
In this course you will receive 10 chapters with an intro and outro and voice recordings, meditations, breaking down each aspect of the Energy Centers and their concepts.

Bonny Clea is an artist and healer, centering her practice around 1:1 Soul Sessions. She approaches collective and individual trauma through acts of care.

In addition to Soul Sessions, Bonny offers a Holistic Hotline and bi-monthly newsletter called Moon Letters. Read all about Bonny’s remarkable history + find her offerings on her website.
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