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Energy L/S Shirt (Evergreen)

Energy L/S Shirt (Evergreen)

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A collaborative T-shirt between Pool Theory and Bonny Clea. This collaboration symbolizes the unified energy of two pisces women, aligning their passions and creativity to offer two unique items; the Energy L/S Shirt and Bonny Clea's Foundations of Self Course. The Energy L/S Shirt features key aspects of Bonny's course, touching on the energy of emotions, identities, and personal growth. This T-shirt is 100% cotton, with graphics on front, back, and both sleeves.

Bonny Clea is an artist and healer, centering her practice around 1:1 Soul Sessions. She approaches collective and individual trauma through acts of care.

In addition to Soul Sessions, Bonny offers a Holistic Hotline and bi-monthly newsletter called Moon Letters. Read all about Bonny’s remarkable history + find her offerings on her website.

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