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Energy L/S Shirt (Black)

Energy L/S Shirt (Black)

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A collaborative T-shirt between Pool Theory and Bonny Clea as part of the L'Étoile collection with Eleventh House Jewelry. This collection symbolizes the unified energy of three women, aligning their passions and creativity to create three unique items: Energy L/S Shirt, L'Étoile Necklace, and Foundations of Self Course by Bonny Clea. The Energy L/S Shirt features key aspects of Bonny's course, touching on the energy of emotions, identities, and personal growth.


  • Pool Theory x Bonny Clea collaboration
  • 100% cotton L/S shirt 
  • Graphics on front, back, and sleeves

Bonny Clea is an artist and healer, centering her practice around 1:1 Soul Sessions. She approaches collective and individual trauma through acts of care.

In addition to Soul Sessions, Bonny offers a Holistic Hotline and bi-monthly newsletter called Moon Letters. Read all about Bonny’s remarkable history + find her offerings on her website.

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